About Us

Buyforfamily.com is a web shopping platform that realizes that today’s era cherishes devices and they are deficient without their adornments. Individuals are more cognizant about brands so they have accompanied marked embellishments at one spot which can be utilized by any family members. They strive to convey their customer’s unique item with warranty and best cost accessible in the business sector. So if you are a gadget lover, definitely visit our website and enjoy shopping.

Why you should buy from us

We can give you same product on the lesser price which your purchase from the marketplace like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, snapdeal etc because we don’t pay any commission to them that why we are selling product on lesser price.  In our category marketplace generally, charge 25% to 30% commission which brings the price up of the product.

For Example- If you buy a product on the marketplace of Rs 1000/- marketplace commission is 25% (Fixed Fee Extra), the marketplace will charge Rs 250 to the seller, it means the seller will get less then Rs 750. It means the seller added the total expense in the selling price which is ultimately cost to the buyer.

That’s why we can give you the same product on a lesser price.

You will get good quality product and service which you can leave on us, rest assured we will take care of this.