Erd White Power Bank 15600mah


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SKU: ERD Power Bank PB-209C 15600Mah

The commonly faced problem with the high-tech devices in today’s world is their battery life. Though the companies make high quality durable batteries, but the extensive use of the devices drains the battery very quickly. This ERD Portable Mobile Charger-Power Bank 15600mAh is a perfect battery bank for your devices. This portable mobile charger is sleek, light in weight and stylish looking. It saves up to 15600mAh power which is sufficient enough to charge two devices at a time. With the advancement in technology, our demand and requirements have also increased and due to this, the use of mobile phones, tablets, music player, gaming consoles and cameras has become extensive. This power bank portable charger is made for situations when there is no charger plug available and the device runs out of battery. Our lives have become dependable on electronic devices, be it for work or personal reasons. Mobile phone, tablets, cameras, music players and laptops connect us with the world and provide entertainment, especially while travelling. Losing the battery charge while travelling is the worst nightmare of our generation, hence this ERD Portable Mobile Charger-Power Bank is made for our rescue. You can carry it with you in your purse, pouch or pocket. It has two USB ports and one rechargeable port. The LED indicator indicates the status of charging. Place an online order as soon as possible to make your life easy and convenient.

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