Nillkin ( ( For Samsung Galaxy S7 )Defender-2 Series Armor-Border Back Case For Samsung Galaxy S7 ( 5.1 Inch Screen ) ( Black )


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SKU: Nillkin Defender-2 Back Samsung S7 Black

Description Only 100% genuine original Nillkin products in retail package. It has anti-fake membrane, QR code and barcode. Nillkin Defender 2 Series Armor-border bumper case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Stronger than stronger Nillkin newly launched Defender case which make tough guy image for your phone. Defender case selects dual color materials, PU and TPU combined that feels like iron case. Defender case is offering rock and roll colors , which interprets the teenagers’ uninhibited personality. Its shape and accurate cutouts will protect your phone wel. Tough Select dual color materials: PC and TPU combined, two-layer structure which fells like iron case but doesn’t hurt device. Rock and Roll Its shape and accurate cutouts will protect your phone as a Defender. Delicacy Totally enclosed type button design and accurate cutouts, effectively make longer life of its button. Mix and Match Its mix and match style that interprets the teenagers’ uninhibited personality. Protection Select wear-resisting and shockproof materials which can be used as your phone Defender. Anti-friction design and reserve some distance between front and back which protect from friction. Hollow out Its hollow out design and phone logo are in photograph echo, all show the unique taste.

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Dimensions 4 × 0.7 × 7 in