Nillkin Tempered Glass for Samsung Galaxy S8 S 8 (5.8" Inch) 3D CP+ Max Explosion Proof Screen Protect Full Screen Coverage Black Color


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SKU: Nillkin 3D CP+ Max Samsung S8 Black

Processed by German imported high-precision CNC numerical control machine,Fine milling by carved technology,Arc edge accuracy is only 0.1mm,The curved surface completely bonds with iPhone’s screen.Anti-fingerprint, Oil Resistance,Anti acid and alkali.9H surface hardness, scratch-resistant.Film remains unchanged even ruptures. No debris.Light transmittance is up to 99.9%, Keeps the screen clarity.Adsorbs quickly. Can be repeatedly used after washing.So superior 3D tempered film,With such excellent iPhone,Like a match made in heaven,Provides you perfect experience. Tips: The thickness of this product mentioned in the description and picture refers only to the thickness of the glass. AB glue is not included in the thickness.

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