Nokia BH-110U Bluetooth Headset (White)


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Mobile phones have become an extremely important part of our lives as it helps us stay connected with the world at all times. However, receiving phone calls all the time is not a feasible option. We are preoccupied with various activities throughout the day, like cooking, driving, cleaning, etc. While carrying out these activities we need to use our hands, therefore, receiving calls is close to impossible. We either end up stopping work or dropping our phones, making a mess of things. However, Nokia has introduced yet another innovation in the world of ‘hands-free’ calling. The new Nokia Bluetooth Headset Bh-110u is an enhanced Bluetooth device that will help you receive calls without interrupting your activity. This amazing Bluetooth Headset Bh-110u lets you answer important calls without ‘handling’ your phone, even when you’re using two separate devices. The best part is that, the device the headset is making a connection with, does not with have to be in front of you. It just has to be at least at a distance of 10 metres. The Nokia headset is compatible with Bluetooth requirements 2.1 +EDR. It supports the Handsfree Profile 1.5, Headset Profile 1.1, etc. If you want to connect it with other devices, you must check with the manufacturers to verify their compatibility. The headset is nickel-free and some part of it is magnetic, therefore, it is advisable to keep it away from anything metallic and also magnetic storage gadgets. The headset can be comfortably attached to your ear and allow you to talk freely as you finish other work. With the help of this Bluetooth device, you can now take calls even when your hands are tied!

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